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Top 45 Social Media Trends in May

Top 45 Social Media Trends in May


Top 45 Social Media Trends in May

Social media is a powerful tool, and with half the world on it for half the day, its impact cannot be overlooked. The May 2021 social media trends underscore how these platforms have shaped both business and consumer behavior trends. Notably, brands appeal to younger consumers (who are typically not their target demographic) through up-in-coming influencers. For example, Simmons, the mattress manufacturer, marketer, and supplier, recently tapped into TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio to create a custom-designed, special edition mattress. The campaign points out that “beds are the new offices for our generation,” especially in light of the ongoing pandemic and shift to smaller, handheld technology. To kick off the Gen Z-targeted mattress, the brand launched the #SimmonsDreamRoom contest, where participants have the chance to give their room a fresh new look with the help of the social media stars.

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