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Traffic-Activated Ketchup Ads

Traffic-Activated Ketchup Ads


Traffic-Activated Ketchup Ads

Knowing that there will be lots of Canadians eager for a getaway on the road this summer, Heinz created traffic-activated ketchup ads in partnership with Waze. Inspired by the fact that Heinz pours from the bottle at just 0.045 kilometers per hour, the brand is giving drivers a reason to look forward to moving slowly, as they can claim a summer combo of Heinz Ketchup and an Impossible Whopper from Burger King.The partnership will identify people who are stuck in traffic, specifically at the same speed as the slow-pouring ketchup, and help to make traffic jams a little more tolerable. For a limited time in June, Canadians can check their speed on Waze and claim their special summer treat, since many people will be choosing local travel over international.

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