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Trishna Goklani Redefines ‘Quiet Luxury’ Through Sustainable Secondhand Fashion

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Trishna Goklani Redefines ‘Quiet Luxury’ Through Sustainable Secondhand Fashion

London-based style influencer Trishna Goklani, renowned for her “quiet luxury” aesthetic, is making sustainable fashion waves with her curated collection of pre-loved pieces. In a recent interview, she shared her intentional approach to fashion, emphasizing the thrill of secondhand shopping.

Goklani, known for her preference for brands like Bottega Veneta and Gucci, highlights the accessibility of high-quality pieces through secondhand shopping. Her minimalist style focuses on luxury fabrics like cashmere and merino wool, creating a sophisticated look without the need for a personal shopper or a hefty budget.

Having grown up in Singapore and developed her style through flea market visits, Goklani values the narratives behind her special finds. Memorable pieces include a denim skirt from Seattle and a vintage Gucci bag she tirelessly searched for on eBay.
For Goklani, luxury is a personal indulgence rather than a status symbol. She appreciates designer items with subtle logos, emphasizing the joy of the hunt when discovering unique, nearly new pieces. Her commitment to secondhand fashion is a lifelong hobby rooted in sustainability and intentionality.

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