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Achieving Success as a Young TV Presenter and Actress: The Journey of Victoria Rosushchan

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Achieving Success as a Young TV Presenter and Actress: The Journey of Victoria Rosushchan

Victoria Rosushchak’s story appears to be an unbroken success story at first glance. From vibrant coverage at Ukrainian Fashion Week to starring in music videos for top artists and receiving the prestigious international accolade, the Global Woman Awards 2023. However, few know what was “behind the scenes” of this success. Victoria opens up for the first time about how she managed to achieve so much at such a young age and shares valuable advice for those planning to build a career in film and television.


True success doesn’t come to those who sit and wait, but to those who see opportunities and seize them. This was the case with Victoria. Of course, she had been interested in acting and show business since childhood (who among us hasn’t dreamed of that?). However, at a certain point in her life, she was offered a golden opportunity, a dream job: to try herself as a television host.

Without hesitation, Victoria agreed because she felt a calling, a signal inside that she needed to take this opportunity seriously. “Television became a crucial stepping stone for me: I realized that I am deeply interested in this field, and I want to thrive in it”, says Victoria.


Of course, mastering the new profession of a television host was not without its challenges and difficulties for her:

At the beginning of the shoot, I found it a bit challenging to speak in Ukrainian. I had, so to speak, lived my whole life in the Czech Republic, and the Ukrainian we speak among ourselves in Prague differs from the literary language that a professional host should use. So, there were a lot of retakes, and some things had to be re-recorded several times—sometimes over minor details, for example, when I accidentally used the Czech equivalent of a Ukrainian word. I was very fortunate with the production team, so I quickly overcame this drawback: I just had to work a lot on myself and my pronunciation”.

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Victoria emphasizes that difficulties in any profession or new endeavor can be easily overcome if you focus on your strengths. “I am naturally a very communicative person, so I enjoyed interacting with people, and finding a connection with them. Working as a television host, I met an incredible number of interesting personalities, and it was a great pleasure for me to broadcast even someone’s small story to the audience”.

Born in Prague, Victoria considers Ukraine her second home. “Yes, I was born and lived in Prague for most of my life. My family is here. I study in Prague and recently opened my own business here. But my soul is drawn to Ukraine. We always come to Ukraine for holidays, my grandparents live here. An important stage of my professional career took place here; I have many friends and acquaintances among Ukrainians. So, I am looking forward to Ukraine’s victory in the war, and I hope that soon I will be able to come to Kyiv and continue my work here”.

In parallel with her successes in television, Victoria Rosushchak began her acting career. “The first music video in which I participated as an actress opened my eyes to the path I should move on”.

As the girl confesses, she had to work hard again, but she knew exactly what she wanted—and effortlessly overcame all the challenges. “Of course, television gave me a certain experience and understanding of the filming processes, how a shot is constructed, and so on. But one thing is an interview or a reportage shoot where you essentially remain yourself, and another thing is when you have to transform into another person or character, following the director’s concept. It was not easy. However, I was already used to filming, so I was not at all intimidated by difficult shooting days or sleepless nights when you work for dozens of hours on set with minimal breaks and snacks. I understood why I was doing this. I wanted to develop in this field. And the main joy was the feeling that you were in the midst of something exciting, an artistic creation that will be seen by a large number of people“.


Victoria declines to single out her favorite projects, stating, “Every project I’ve been part of, whether as a television host or actress, is a part of me. Each shoot, big or small, has left its impact, making it hard for me to pick a specific favorite. Moreover, many music videos I’ve taken part in are still in the preparation stage, and I believe you’ll get to see them very soon. If I had to highlight the most challenging role I’ve played, it’s in a music video alongside actor Volodymyr Horyansky. I had to portray a sick girl in the hospital, consistently depicting fainting, falling, or crying“.

The results of hard work and perseverance have manifested for Victoria, who recently gained international recognition at the GlobalWoman Awards 2023 for her achievements. “It was both unexpected and delightful. This award provided a significant push for me to keep moving forward, reinforcing my motivation. Despite dealing with various life issues in the past year, I didn’t prioritize my acting career. However, receiving such an award has ignited a tremendous inspiration in me to return to this field with renewed energy and make an even more impactful statement in 2024”.

Victoria has many ambitious plans: “First and foremost, I hope that peace will soon reign in Ukrainian lands. And we can resume work on Ukrainian projects that have been temporarily frozen due to the current conditions of a full-scale invasion. Looking ahead, viewers will soon see me in various roles: in feature films, international film projects, and collaborations with modern influencers and artists. This spring, a massive music video for the Ukrainian artist LOOKINICH, which we shot in Venice, where I played the lead role, will be released”.

My main goal is to do something truly meaningful. Play a role that resonates in the hearts of millions. Something that helps someone, inspires, and supports them in a difficult moment — this is the key to the success of any project in theaters and on digital platforms. I don’t accept every offer from directors that comes my way. First and foremost, I have to feel that the character or role they offer me is genuinely mine and is genuinely needed. Creativity always comes first!”


In conclusion, here are some tips for young artists from Victoria Rosushchak:

“The most important thing is to keep moving forward, regardless of any difficulties. Put in a lot of effort, and constantly improve yourself. Ask yourself: is this the maximum I am capable of? Then, everything you’ve planned will undoubtedly succeed”.

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