Hormel Foods, the makers of Hormel Compleats microwave meals, recently launched a new, humorous campaign called ‘Fast as BE:EP’ that showcases the speed and convenience of the company’s microwavable meals.

The campaign features multiple 15-second commercials that depict individuals preparing their lunches or dinners via the microwave. The tongue-in-cheek campaign underlines the speed of the preparation with playful, adult wording that is covered by the loud beep of the microwave. “We are in a world where convenience is king,” says Meghan Baumann, Hormel Compleats brand manager. “The Fast as BE:EP campaign is a perfect way to remind consumers that Hormel Compleats products provide a complete and satisfying meal in just 60 seconds.”

Hormel Compleats has a product line of over 30 homestyle meals including chicken Alfredo, roast beef and mash potatoes, and rice and chicken — all of which takes under a minute to prepare.

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