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Vaccine-Ready Apparel

Vaccine-Ready Apparel


Vaccine-Ready Apparel

As the COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the globe, Revolve is helping consumers dress for the occasion with its new ‘Revolve Vaccine-Ready’ collection. As its name suggests, all the items offered on the lists feature easy access to the upper arm, a vital area needing exposure when getting vaccinated. The playful and vibrant collection features a range of different pieces including the Neon Baby Doll Top, the Find Your Light Woven Top, the Brisbane Tank, the Alta Blouson Sleeve Peasant Top, and the Lace Corset Bustier, among others. The new Revolve Vaccine-Ready collection is a great way to engage with audiences, an opportunity not lost on Revolve. A company representative of the company stated: “REVOLVE is all about being there for our customers when it comes to the important moments in their lives, and with things starting to look up with the vaccine rollout, why not look good while doing it?”Image Credit: Revolve

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