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Vegan Concentrated Flavor Candies

Vegan Concentrated Flavor Candies


Vegan Concentrated Flavor Candies

These new Jealous Sweets plant-based sour beans are being launching by the brand in the UK to provide consumers with a diet-conscious way to satisfy their sweet tooth. The candies come in Zingy Sours including Orange, Apple and Lemon, while the Berry Sours option comes in Raspberry, Cherry and Blackcurrant flavors. The candies are both vegan-friendly and have a gluten-free recipe to position them as an accessible option for a wider range of consumers to choose.Co-Founder Imran Merza spoke on the new Jealous Sweets plant-based sour beans saying, “Our sours give the traditional mouth-watering acidity, but we have upped flavour concentration to really enhance the eating experience. We find that people have an intense taste sensation when eating our sour beans that develops as you chew through the sweet.”

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