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Vegetable Diet Trackers : veggie tracker

Vegetable Diet Trackers : veggie tracker


Vegetable Diet Trackers : veggie tracker


Dr. Praeger’s Online ‘Veggie Tracker’ Keeps Tabs on Vegetable Consumption

To help the many people who are just getting started with a plant-based diet or are simply looking to eat more vegetables, Dr. Praeger’s launched an online tool called the Veggie Tracker. The online and free-to-use tool acknowledges the fact that almost nine in 10 Americans don’t eat enough vegetables and what’s worse, they are unaware of it.

With Veggie Tracker, people are able to live a “veggie-ful life” by seeing how their eating habits measure up against the USDA’s recommendations of eating three cups of vegetables per day.

As a producer of plant-based convenience foods, Dr. Praeger’s offers plenty of recipe ideas, tips, inspiration and motivational rewards for using the Veggie Tracker. As well as being able to get daily reminders, those who sign up to the Veggie Tracker will also get access to a seven-day meal plan and a private Facebook group with advice from nutritionists.


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