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Vodka-Inspired Cakes : vodka pairing

Vodka-Inspired Cakes : vodka pairing


Vodka-Inspired Cakes : vodka pairing

The Partnership of Grey Goose and Drake on Cake Boasts Sweet Vodka Pairings

Vodka pairings are taken to the next level thanks to a collaboration between Grey Goose and Joy Wilson — an experienced cookbook author and the mastermind behind the ultra-aesthetic-friendly Drake On Cake. The partnership boasts a recipe for a Grey Goose Vanilla Bean and Lemon Curd Celebration Cake, as well as a few cocktail suggestions.

Both parties were focused on producing the most flavorful cake and vodka pairing. In the style of Drake On Cake, the dessert will measure at eight inches and will boast three layers when baked. An alcoholic component is suggested for the frosting in the form of one tablespoon of Le Citron Grey Goose Vodka.

What the campaign highlights, however, are the vodka pairings. These include a ‘Time to Shine Martini’ that is berry-infused, ‘Under My Umbrella’ featuring grapefruit juice, and ‘Afternoon Social’ with earl grey tea and lemonade.

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