Ulta Beauty: “I think it’s within 10% of a bottom. I’ve been wanting to wait — I wanted to wait until we see the next quarter, but I’m O.K. with. Count another 20 points and I’m fine with it.”Davita: “I think it’s a very, very good company. It’s down a lot from it’s high, but it’s profitable. It’s not expensive. I’m going to say buy to Davita.”McDonald’s: “I say buy. I think [CEO Steve] Easterbrook’s got game. It was down a little bit on an accounting issue that wasn’t really bad, and now people are saying it doesn’t do well in a higher gasoline environment. That’s crazy, it’s exactly where you go. I think you buy McDonald’s.”Coupa Software: “I’m going to reiterate that while that’s an expensive stock, it is a good one.”Valley National Bancorp: “No, hold on to it. It’s got a 4% yield. I know it’s not doing much, but I’ll tell you: when the curve gets back again, you’re going to feel good about it. It’s a very-well run bank. and I like it.”Cleveland-Cliffs: “Too risky here and a world-wide slowdown I do not want to go to Cleveland-Cliffs.”WATCH: Cramer’s lightning round

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