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Whimsical Flavorful Juice Redesigns

Whimsical Flavorful Juice Redesigns


Whimsical Flavorful Juice Redesigns

Genius Juice is a zero-waste smoothie brand renowned for its success on the television show ‘Shark Tank.’ The brand recently tapped Independent Creative Agency, ROOK/NYC, to refresh its brand identity and packaging design, “without losing the core essence of the brand.” Mark Christou, Co-Founder & Creative Partner, ROOK/NYC, commented on the inspiration behind the new branding. He said: “Refining the Genius brand identity and packaging design was a fun challenge. Nothing in the competitive set had a sense of human personality, so we worked hard to find the right balance of functional communication and playful tone. The result was a more disruptive, iconic look with clear product communication that more efficiently sells to the consumer.” Genius Juice’s new packaging design hits shelves nationwide this month in Whole Foods, Costco and Sprouts.Image Credit: Genius Juice

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