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2021 Trend Report Video Countdown

2021 Trend Report Video Countdown


2021 Trend Report Video Countdown

It’s that magical time of year when we reveal the Top 20 Trends for 2021, based on our 2021 Trend Report and our market research on This year, we completed more than 2,000 custom trend reports during COVID, and the takeaway is unsurprisingly that consumer needs are changing by the minute. 2021 will present a year of chaos and rapid change, but also a window of opportunity. These times of chaos reshuffle the deck and create enormous opportunity for those studying the trends.Watch the video or download the 2021 Trend Report FREE.Want more? In addition to the 2021 Trend Report, you should join 800 of the world’s leading brands who rely on our CUSTOM research to scope new markets, deep dive curiosities, and to filter through all the chaos. Our custom trend reports are data-driven, so they are BETTER, FRESHER, 20x FASTER and 1/10th price of traditional consumer trend research. Contact us at for more info.

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