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Mixing-Friendly Whiskeys

Mixing-Friendly Whiskeys


Mixing-Friendly Whiskeys

The Johnnie Blonde whiskey is a new offering from the Diageo-owned spirit brand that targets new and existing whiskey drinks in an effort to offer them a lighter, sweeter flavor profile option to choose for their favorite mixed drinks.The product is made with wheat and fruity malt whiskies, and has been matured in sweet American oak barrels to provide a final product that is full of flavor and notes of toffee, caramel and fresh fruit. This makes it the perfect spirit for long serve drinks that call for cola, lemonade or ginger ale.Head of Innovation at Diageo Michael Ward toasted the new Johnnie Blonde whiskey saying, “Johnnie Walker has always been built on progress, on a desire to constantly push boundaries and explore new flavours, experiences and serves. Johnnie Blonde is borne out of that same philosophy.”

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