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30 Examples of Branded Milestones

30 Examples of Branded Milestones


30 Examples of Branded Milestones


These examples of branded milestones range from celebratory internet doodles to anniversary-themed burger promotions.

When it comes to brand birthday celebrations, standouts include IKEA’s humorous Billy bookcase promotion which celebrated the home accessory’s 40th anniversary. Appropriately renamed William, the bookcase was sold with an accompanied discount, while #ItsWilliamNow was featured on the brand’s social media channels.

Another notable example comes from tech giant Google who celebrated its 20th anniversary with a nostalgic search engine animation which walked viewers through the last 20 years of world events and important cultural milestones.

More branded milestones include Sephora’s ‘Sephoria’ conference which was hosted in Los Angeles, California last year. The event marked 20 years of the cosmetics powerhouse and gave both established and emerging beauty brands a platform to share new product releases. Additionally, attendees were able to access unique beauty services, giveaways and Instagram-friendly activations.


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