The Soreen Seeds & More Malt Loaf is Flavorful and Satisfying

The Soreen Seeds & More Malt Loaf is the latest creation from the brand as a premium cake product for UK consumers that puts a focus on high-quality ingredients and flavor. The product is reported to be a good source of protein and fiber, while it also contains a lower level of saturated fat and sugar compared to other options presently on the market. The loaf is enriched with vitamin A, C and K to make it a healthful option that will support an active lifestyle.

Managing Director at Soreen Mark Simester spoke on the new Soreen Seeds & More Malt Loaf saying, “Our new Seeds & More Loaf now gives consumers the opportunity to buy their favorite Malt Loaf brand in a delicious seeded variant, while giving retailers the chance to leverage the strength of the Soreen brand and add value to the category.”

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