The Aero Bliss Milk Chocolate Single is Ideal for Enjoyment Alone

The Aero Bliss Milk Chocolate Single has been unveiled as a new product size option from the brand that is perfect for consumers who are looking to enjoy an indulgent dessert on their own. The product includes three individually wrapped pieces, which is more suited towards single consumers versus the larger format that is for sharing or families. The new product size is being supported by a substantial marketing campaign that will include out-of-home, digital, advertising social media and sampling activities.

Aero Brand manager at Nestlé UK Ellie Tyler spoke on the new product saying, “Our Aero Bliss Milk Chocolate Single variant offers a lighter textured form of indulgence in comparison to other premium chocolate bars on the market.
“People love the melt in the mouth sensation that Aero brings and we are sure that our new indulgent product, in a beautiful box containing three individually wrapped sweets, will be a huge hit amongst those who are looking for a light but indulgent treat.”

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