Kentucky for Kentucky Boasts a KFC Drumstick That Won’t Go Bad

Kentucky for Kentucky released the ‘Chick-Infinity’ on its e-commerce store and the product is sure to puzzle consumers. Marketed as an ageless “real KFC ‘Original Recipe’ drumstick,” the food is guaranteed to never go bad.

This activation is intended to pay tribute to KFC’s history and roots. The concept was developed by local artist Coleman Larkin. The drumsticks have been authentically prepared, with the meat sourced from a restaurant in Coal Run. After preparing the food in KFC’s signature style, “the batch was crystalized for eternity in epoxy resin.” Without a doubt, this is an interesting approach that shows creativity and potential as a marketing technique.

The everlasting product is delivered in a 16-ounce mason jar and Kentucky for Kentucky sets the value for the goods at $100 USD each.

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