The Kit Kat Pairing Bar Matches Regional Flavors with Japanese Sake

To kick off the launch of the regionally inspired Gotouchi no KitKats, which are made with locally sourced ingredients from across Japan, Kit Kat is launching a chocolate pairing bar that matches these new products with sake.

The Gotouchi no KitKat Pairing Bar pop-up can be experienced for a few days this year during Craft Sake Week and it is set to attract not just chocolate and sake lovers but also those who are interested in technology too. The Gotouchi no KitKat Pairing Bar will be staffed by robots that prepare pairings based on visitors’ personal preferences. To whittle down the choices, the artificial intelligence robot will ask five questions to determine which of the 10 types of sake will best pair with the Gotouchi no KitKats like Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato or Tochigi Strawberry.

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