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Anthropomorphized Avocado Campaigns : avocado campaign

Anthropomorphized Avocado Campaigns : avocado campaign


Anthropomorphized Avocado Campaigns : avocado campaign


Wholly Guacamole’s ‘ALL REAL. NO DRAMA.’ Stars Fussy Avocados

Plenty of people love avocados for their taste, texture and numerous health benefits but dislike dealing with their unpredictable nature—to show how consumers can make the most of an avocado’s enjoyable features without the fuss, Wholly Guacamole put together the fun ‘ALL REAL. NO DRAMA.’ avocado campaign.

Based on the fact that a high percentage of people throw away all or parts of an unusable avocado or can’t make guacamole when they’d like to, Wholly Guacamole created a campaign that encourages people to enjoy the brand’s hassle-free guacamole products instead.

The playful avocado campaign stars fun characters like DeeDee the Diva, who takes forever to get ready, Benny the Bruiser, Mushy Meredith, Serious Susie who won’t ever soften and Nervous Noah who can’t get rid of the pit in his stomach.


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