To mark its 25th birthday, easyJet created the first airline cart delivery service of its kind, so that people can get a part of the inflight experience at home. WIth Deliveroo, easyJet’s Cabin Trolley Home Delivery service brings fully uniformed cabin crew members to one’s doorstep so that they can enjoy a selection of snacks like crisps, nuts and olives. Just like being in a plane, the experience also lets adults choose their drink of choice from options like chilled Prosecco, Bloody Marys and gin and tonics, all of which are served in a way that adheres to social distancing protocols. To make up for the fact that far fewer people than usual will be traveling over the next few months, airlines are engaging would-be travelers with immersive pop-up events and buyable versions of inflight meals.Image Credit: easyJet

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