The Louis Vuitton Exhibit Spans 160 Years

A hundred and sixty years of industry-defining history is what is spotlighted during the Louis Vuitton exhibit in Beverly Hills. The event takes on the layout of a pop-up museum activation. Individuals are invited to survey a total of nine distinct rooms that boast a theme. As a result, visitors are able to enjoy an eclectic and chronologically structured experience.

The Louis Vuitton exhibit — aptly dubbed ‘Louis Vuitton X,’ features rooms like ‘Louis Vuitton: As seen by…,’ ‘Origins: A Tradition of Modernity,’ ‘Art Meets Fashion,’ ‘Artycapucines: Six Visions of a Contemporary Classic,’ ‘Lights, Camera, Action! Louis Vuitton on the Red Carpet,’ and more.

The anniversary-celebrating Louis Vuitton exhibit is open to the public until September 15th. It will be complemented by a pop-up and other various marketing initiatives.

Photo Credits: Brad Dickson

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