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Annual Avocado Hand Insurances

Annual Avocado Hand Insurances


Annual Avocado Hand Insurances

The Avocado Hand Insurance has become a Super Bowl tradition for WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE and its fans. The campaign is said to “help fans prevent pre-game injuries related to their favorite Sunday football snack”—namely the “Avocado Hand” and avocado-related knife injuries. Throughout the initiative, WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE alerts fans that as America’s #1 refrigerated guacamole brand, its products are foolproof. Now through February 7th, US guacamole fans are encouraged to upload a video of their best dip on Instagram and to tag @eatwholly. This will enter them in a competition to win “Avocado Hand Insurance” for a year—meaning that they will enjoy a year’s worth supply of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE ready-to-serve products, made with fresh, hand-scooped Hass avocados. The grand prize is a $4,000 luxurious, VIP pampering session that is typically reserved for hand models, as well as the opportunity to be WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE’s hand model.Image Credit: WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE

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