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Apothecary-Style Kombucha Packaging : LA Brewery

Apothecary-Style Kombucha Packaging : LA Brewery


Apothecary-Style Kombucha Packaging : LA Brewery


LA Brewery Collaborated with Beatson Clark for New Bottles

The new LA Brewery kombucha packaging has a distinctly apothecary-style aesthetic that helps to transform the product from a simple refreshment into an artisan product with flair.

The bottles have been created in partnership with glass packaging specialist Rawlings as well as manufacturer Beatson Clark, which has resulted in a high-quality final product. The high-quality packaging conveys a premium product and experience to the consumer, while also setting them apart from other drinks on the market with a carbonated profile.

The LA Brewery kombucha packaging was spoken on by brand founder Louise Avery who said, “It’s a higher-end bottle which achieves that mix of being slightly medicinal and also rather grown up. Most standard soft drinks bottles have a long neck, but with this bottle, the short neck takes you into a different space. With the branding, we’ve created something that can sit alongside both soft and alcoholic drinks in the pub and still look comfortable. It’s designed to bridge that gap.”


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