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AR-Driven Home Repair Services

AR-Driven Home Repair Services


AR-Driven Home Repair Services

The ‘Lowe’s for Pros JobSIGHT’ is an augmented reality video chat service provided by home improvement company Lowe’s. The innovative tool was designed to help homeowners with various repair and maintenance inquiries by having certified pros conduct virtual home visits. The new tool is powered by Streem and combines AR, video, and computer vision technology, allowing pro contractors to guide homeowners through their projects without ever having to physically step foot in their homes. The development comes as a result of Lowe’s previously announced $25 million commitment to supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19 and its corresponding lockdown laws. During appointments, pros can use on-screen laser pointers and an AR ‘Quick Draw” tool to quickly assist customers in real-time, mimicking a physical consultation. In addition, customers will receive a summary of their evaluation, which will include a recorded video of the session, hi-res photos, and notes.Image Credit: Streem

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