Guerlain’s Virtual Try-On Visualizes Lipstick, Foundation & More

Fans of Guerlain can now experience a virtual try-on of the brand’s products thanks to a new experience powered by technology from VOIR. The augmented reality experience gives people the chance to try on a range of different makeup products in a matter of minutes, without having to fuss with any mess.

With proprietary 3D rendering from VOIR, the experience gives consumers a digital experience that parallels the way that they would ordinarily test various makeup products in-store. Some of the products that can be virtually trialed on one’s face include Guerlain’s L’Essentiel foundation and Terracotta.

At the start of the month, Guerlain launched new shades for its Rouge G Lipstick, which can already be virtually modeled by those with the VOIR app or visiting a Guerlain retailer with an in-store iPad.

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