Krausz’ Slick Brand Identity is Designed by Peltan-Brosz Studio

Hungarian graphic design firm Peltan-Brosz Studio curates the visual identity for Krausz — an artisanal company based in Transylvania, Romania that specializes in the production of small-batch chocolate confectionery.

The brand prides itself with its high-quality craft choco offerings. The ingredients for the dessert are sourced ethically and great attention is paid during production as to ensure a “pristine flavor.” To amplify the aesthetic of the small-batch chocolate company, Peltan-Brosz Studio undertakes a minimalist and contemporary design. The packaging boasts a tasteful material, as well as a transparent window where consumers can observe the handmade bars for themselves. This is a smart move from the side of Peltan-Brosz Studio, who decides to leverage the aesthetic appeal of Krausz’s small-batch chocolate offerings which are accented with the infusion of dry fruit.

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