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Chic Circular Branded Pharmacies : branded pharmacy

Chic Circular Branded Pharmacies : branded pharmacy


Chic Circular Branded Pharmacies : branded pharmacy


Luminous Design Group Boasts the Style Aesthetic for Placebo

Given the nature of these businesses, a well-curated and contemporary branded pharmacy aesthetic is key to enticing customers who have to pick up their prescription. Placebo is located in Athens, Greece and it has most certainly singled itself out with its stunning, circular building, and its natural light-optimizing design. Not only do these elements hint at an incredible eye for design, but they also tie in effortlessly into the wellness industry.

To finish off the incredibly stylish branded pharmacy identity, Placebo taps local creative firm Luminous Design Group who, in turn, embraces the expressive contemporary character of the business. The studio facilitates an identity that is based on the premise of optical illusion through somewhat of a minimalist color palette, strategic placement of motifs, and an abundance of textures.

In a certain way, the branded pharmacy is being recognized as a boutique as well.


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