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At-Home Gin Tastings : at home tasting

At-Home Gin Tastings : at home tasting


At-Home Gin Tastings : at home tasting


Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home Launched an At-Home Tasting Service for Gin

Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home launched a new venture called Gin O’Clock to offer at-home tastings for gin products, which may also be conducted in office or event spaces. The gin tasting experience can be booked for groups of six to 10 people, who will be guided through a tasting by a Waitrose gin specialist. In all, people will have the chance to sample five different types of gin, which can first be tasted neat, then paired with tonics from Fever-Tree.

As well as being able to expand their knowledge about gin, its unique flavor profiles and history, people will get familiar with how to make a perfect gin and tonic cocktail with just the right amount of ice and the ideal kind of glass.


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