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No-Plastic Challenge Campaigns : no plastic challenge

No-Plastic Challenge Campaigns : no plastic challenge


No-Plastic Challenge Campaigns : no plastic challenge


Boxed Water is Better Invites People to Take a ‘No-Plastic Pledge’

For World Oceans Day in June 8th, Boxed Water is Better is inviting people to participate in a no-plastic challenge by signing up for the brand’s No-Plastic Pledge. The campaign challenges people to give up plastic bottles for 30 days, which will help them to consume less single-use plastic and minimize the amount of waste that pollutes the ocean—as it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by the year 2050.

As an especially high amount of single-use plastic is consumed during the heat of the summer months, this campaign challenges people to commit themselves to being more mindful about their consumption habits. Those who take the No-Plastic Pledge are simply asked to hold themselves accountable and can receive a free pledge kit from the brand.


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