This Burger King Marketing Campaign Embraces Slinningsbålet

Burger King sets out to prove the authenticity of its flame-grilled burger in a very bold manner that is sure to raise some eyebrows and speak to the dedication of its marketing team to push its main product — the ‘Whopper.’ Throughout the years, the fast-food chain has engaged its consumers in some pretty outlandish campaigns and this one is definitely an example of the more magnanimous decisions.

To emphasize the taste and quality of the flame-grilled burger, the company’s Norway outlet took a customer on a helicopter ride to showcase how the ‘Whopper’ is prepared. In tune with Scandinavian culture, huge bonfires — known as ‘Slinningsbålet,’ are ignited to mark the arrival of midsummer. The customer received a flame-grilled burger, which was prepared at 125 feet over the Slinningsbålet.

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