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Authentically Produced Feta Cheese : PDO

Authentically Produced Feta Cheese : PDO


Authentically Produced Feta Cheese : PDO


PDO Feta is Now Available to Canadian Consumers

PDO Feta is a Protected Destination of Origin product that follows Greece’s strict safety and quality regulations, and is produced in the country’s mainland, as well as the islands of Lesvos, Limnos and Agios Efstratios.

PDO Feta is made from the milk of sheep and goats that graze freely and only consume their food from these areas, which are known for their rich biodiversity. Another factor that sets the product apart is the fact that it utilizes absolutely no preservatives, antibiotics, colorants, or powdered milks.

Apart from making it healthier for consumers, this focus on quality gives PDO Feta a great taste, making it the ideal accompaniment to a wide range of Mediterranean dishes. With a rich flavor that can be dressed up with olive oil and herbs, PDO Feta can also be consumed on its own, allowing consumers to truly experience the slight variances in taste.


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