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Micro-Network Social Apps : network social app

Micro-Network Social Apps : network social app


Micro-Network Social Apps : network social app


Ad-Free, Influencer-Free ‘Basement’ Appeals to Groups of Close Friends

‘Basement’ sets itself apart as a different kind of micro-network social app that’s simple, as well as free from filters, influencers and advertisements. Unlike many social apps, Basement is all about close connections and friend groups. As many social app users are growing frustrated with privacy concerns, algorithms and constantly competing for attention, this iOS application offers a comfortable place for people to connect.

Similar to the way that MySpace had users select their top eight friends, Basement allows for one to create a network of 20 friends. While friends can see comments on a post by a mutual friend, other interactions on the app appear as anonymous.

A big part of Basement is centered on memes, as the app’s feed is constantly updated with viral content so that close friends can tag one another.


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