The regional fast casual chain Farmer Boys recently announced that it’s on the hunt for a ‘bacon intern’ to do some tasting for them. If the idea of eating bacon all day didn’t already sound like a dream job, the chain is even offering $1,000 to sweeten the deal.

Farmer Boys is a fast casual chain that can only be found in California and Nevada. The chain specializes in burgers and all-day breakfast, which means bacon is a big part of the menu. As a result, Farmer Boys is in need of a bacon intern. This one-day job will involve tasting many different types of bacon to test for qualities such as texture and flavor. In addition to the free grub, the lucky intern will also receive $1,000 for their time. As Farmer Boys VP and CMO Larry Rusinko put it, “At Farmer Boys, we’re firm believers in customer feedback and listening to our guests, and we felt that hiring our first ever Bacon Intern would add another layer to that philosophy and help make our food as pork-tacular as it can be.”

Image Credits: Farmer Boys.

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