Grüv Beverages have been unveiled by Canada-based beverage brand BevCanna Enterprises as a new refreshment option for consumers who are seeking a flavorful product with the benefits of cannabis in the mix.

The drinks have been developed in two distinct flavor profiles including Matcha Green Iced Tea and Ginger Mint Herbal Iced Tea, which both feature refreshing properties. The drinks will have a ready-to-drink profile and feature five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD in the mix to provide a balanced experience for consumers.

Chief Commercialization Officer at BevCanna Emma Andrews spoke on the inspiration behind the new Grüv Beverages saying, “Iced tea was among the top five performing concepts, among 25 product concepts tested. We are also choosing to launch this brand with a balanced THC and CBD profile (1:1 ratio), in order to provide consumers with a mild, yet effective cannabis experience.”

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