Papa John’s Created a Tiny ‘Beezza’ Pizza for Bees

To promote its new Bee Sting pizza that balances a spicy pepper base with a sweet wildflower honey drizzle, Papa John’s launched the world’s first “Beezza” pizza for bees. The small-scale pizza for bees was made with real Papa John’s dough, plus other alluring ingredients like colorful wildflowers and local pollen. Although not available for purchase, the tiny pizza creation helps to remind pizza lovers that the comfort food they enjoy could not be created without the help of bees.

The Beezza also helps to support the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and for a limited time this summer, as consumers are able to donate the change from their orders to the charity partner and get packs of native wildflower seeds to plant in the garden from Papa John’s on social media.

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