The new Vita Coco Sparkling beverages have been unveiled by the brand in the UK as a refreshment option for consumers who are looking for a beneficial drink to enjoy in the warm weather.

The drink is made with 100% natural ingredients and comes in two flavor options including Pineapple & Passionfruit and Lemon & Lime. Each one contains just 20 calories per serving along with 3.7 grams of sugar to make them suitable as an option for those seeking an alternative to traditional sugar or sweetener-laden sodas.

Marketing Director at Vita Coco Tim Rees spoke on the new beverages saying that, “The launch of Vita Coco Sparkling in the UK is a huge milestone for us. We have seen retail sales of carbonated water grow by 88% in the last six years and consumers are now actively looking to reduce their consumption of sugar. Vita Coco Sparkling is a completely new innovation in the coconut water market and looks to satisfy the demand for a healthy and hydrating sparkling drink, with all the benefits of coconut water. With its distinctive flavors and profile, Sparkling is broadening the appeal of coconut water and bringing new moments of consumption into the category.”

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