The Biotiful Dairy Strawberry Kefir is Free From Added Sugar

The Biotiful Dairy Strawberry Kefir is the latest flavor from the brand that seeks to help kefir reach new levels of appeal for consumers seeking to enhance their intake of probiotic foods.

The drink is available for purchase in the UK in two size options and is packed with gut-friendly bacteria as well as a solid amount of protein. The beverage is free from added sugar and is sure to be a hit amongst consumers seeking to try kefir, but who might be weary about flavor.

The Biotiful Dairy Strawberry Kefir was boasted by Founder Natasha Bowes who said, “We know that consumers across the UK enjoy Biotiful’s products for their great taste as well as the unmatched natural benefits they bring. Strawberries are traditionally associated with the summer months so this new SKU makes a timely debut, and provides consumers with another delicious way to enjoy all the goodness of kefir.”

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