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Beverage-Holding Apparel : Signature Espresso-Wear

Beverage-Holding Apparel : Signature Espresso-Wear


Beverage-Holding Apparel : Signature Espresso-Wear

Dunkin’s Signature Espresso-Wear Includes Pieces Like the Latte-nkini

Knowing that people want to stay hydrated and refreshed but also enjoy a range of summer activities, Dunkin’ created a quirky line of clothing called Signature Espresso-Wear that introduces styles that can hold its Signature Latte. Months ago, Dunkin’ launched a fake line of clothing that included the Latte-nk Tops, Cappu-chinos and Americano-veralls. Although the practical, beverage-holding styles were never made available for consumer purchase, Dunkin’ is now reviving the summery Latte-nk Tops alongside two new items, the Latte-nkini and Latte-viators.

A limited number of the beverage-holding Latte-nk Tops can be won on Instagram by commenting on the brand’s stories and posts, promising an effortless way for people to enjoy a Dunkin’ Signature Latte and keep their hands free.

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