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Emu Insurance Mascot Ads : LiMu Emu

Emu Insurance Mascot Ads : LiMu Emu


Emu Insurance Mascot Ads : LiMu Emu


Liberty Mutual Insurance’s ‘The Board’ Ad Features LiMu Emu

This comedic campaign by Liberty Mutual Insurance is titled ‘The Board’ and features the brand’s new mascot LiMu Emu. The emu is seen wearing the brand’s signature yellow uniform along with aviator shades. The commercial also stars a Liberty Mutual Insurance representative named Doug who acts as a fellow investigator in a detective-inspired scene.

Instead of solving links to a crime, the bird and insurance rep investigate how a group of drastically different people can all benefit from Liberty Mutual Insurance’s new, customized plans.

With a fun new mascot LiMu Emu and a humorous theme, this insurance ad captures viewers’ attention while highlighting Liberty Mutual Insurance’s new policy. The policy is all about personalization and aims to ensure members are only paying for what they need without unnecessary extras.


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