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Blockchain-Themed Comic Books : Crypto Treasures

Blockchain-Themed Comic Books : Crypto Treasures


Blockchain-Themed Comic Books : Crypto Treasures


Tokenville’s Crypto Treasures Boasts Entertainment & Enlightenment

Crypto Treasures is an effort by decentralized entertainment platform Tokenville who seeks to produce enjoyable and informative ways for consumers to interact with or be introduced to blockchain technology. The illustrations for the publications are entrusted to Vitaly Terletsky — a renowned comic book author, and the narrative revolves around “the so-called Myths of Crypto.”

If one thinks about it, the entertaining value of Crypto Treasures masks the labor needed to understand the concept. As the accessible illustrations surely lead readers to a state where they understand more about how the technology works, why it is beneficial and so on, Tokenville’s series also opens up room for collaborations. In addition, the audience will be able to act in parallel with the storyline by “purchasing mystic artifacts in the form of non-fungible ERC-721 tokens,” as well as trade them. Future partnerships with brands like CryptoKitties have been announced.


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