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Boozy Cocktail Candies : Gincredible Dipper

Boozy Cocktail Candies : Gincredible Dipper


Boozy Cocktail Candies : Gincredible Dipper


The Gincredible Dipper Has a Tasty Flavor and a 10% ABV

The Gincredible Dipper is an adult-only candy creation that will provide consumers with an alternative way to enjoy the flavor of gin-based cocktails. The kit comes with a lollipop that is meant to be paired with a gin-based gel before being dipped in a sweet and sour citrus powder. This creates a flavor profile that is inspired by a classic gin & tonic cocktail, which will be favored by consumers seeking a different kind of candy to indulge their sweet tooth.

The Gincredible Dipper is only suitable for adults because of the 10% ABV of the accompanying gel and builds on the popularity of alternative consumption products as consumers seek out new ways to try classic flavor pairings. Only available in the UK from Firebox, the candy is priced at £9.99.


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