These print design innovations range from curated cannabis publications to sneaker-honoring magazines. While digital media has overpowered print in the last decade, making traditional publications more sparse, the return of DIY zines, commemorative magazines and co-branded newspapers speaks to Gen Z and Millennials’ surprising desire for more physical media formats.

When it comes to artist-curated magazines, standouts include Dope Girls Zine and Broccoli Mag — both focused on spotlighting female creatives and compelling content that zones in on cannabis culture and consumption. Other favorites include Kitchen Toke, a marijuana cooking resource, along with a limited edition Buzzfeed newspaper, which translated the web platform’s engaging content into print.

Supreme’s collaboration with the New York Post and visvim’s limited edition Arts and Crafts magazine round off this list and illustrate how rebellious streetwear brands are marketing to the masses in an unexpected way.

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