Renowned credit card company Mastercard recently announced a new immersive experience for New Yorkers to enjoy — a ‘Priceless’ culinary experience.

The Priceless activation features a permanent restaurant collective that includes The Rock from Zanzibar, Tanzania; Terazushi from Kitakyushu, Japan; and Lyaness from London, United Kingdom. Three restaurants are identical replicas of their real location, including the tables, chairs, cutlery, spices, smells, and sounds. These restaurants will also feature the original famed chefs to meet and greet visitors.

This unique customer experience is part of the brand’s re-imagined marketing campaign that began in 2013. Since then, Mastercard has curated over 1,000 unique activations for consumers to experience and enjoy. These experiences are a way to reach out to new and existing customers to increase brand loyalty.

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