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Branded Gym-Supporting Donations

Branded Gym-Supporting Donations


Branded Gym-Supporting Donations

Oikos PRO, the beloved yogurt brand, recently launched a new initiative aimed at “helping strengthen those who strengthen the rest of us.” Called Oikos PRO for Pros, the project will give 100 grants of at least $1,000 each to trainers and independent gyms who are struggling due to COVID-19 related closures or restrictions. The Oikos PRO for Pros will be funded by 100% of Oikos PRO’s February profits, with a minimum donation of $100,000.“We’re excited to debut Oikos® PRO, our new collection of protein-packed products, at the Super Bowl with a new ad that demonstrates our support of the fitness community and those pros who dedicate their time and energy to keeping us strong,” said Surbhi Martin, Vice President, Marketing, Danone North America. “Fitness professionals are one of the many groups in need of our support right now and we wanted to ensure they get the helping hand they deserve. That is why we’re proud to introduce Oikos® PRO for Pros, our new grant program and commitment to strengthening the independent businesses and trainers that keep us, and our #PROFACEs, strong in these challenging times.” To get the funding, trainers and independent gym owners need to submit a photo of their best #PROFACE(“that raw unfiltered face you make when you’re working out hard”) online. The contest is open until February 28th, 2021.Image Credit: Oikos PRO

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