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Building-Sized Beverage Campaigns

Building-Sized Beverage Campaigns


Building-Sized Beverage Campaigns

Brutal Fruit Lit recently announced the launch of a new Ruby Apple Spritzer, a sparkling beverage targeted to South African women. To market the drink’s launch, the brand is created a “larger-than-life” bottle that will project on Africa’s tallest building, covering the entire southside of all 54-stories (measuring over 12 600 square meters). To create this incredible feat, the brand is using 88,000 Lumens to project the image, with footage being shot by FPV drones. Colleen Duvenage, the Marketing Director at Brutal Fruit, commented on the undertaking, stating: “The massive goal of making the towering structure sparkle in Brutal Fruit’s signature pink was no small feat. But, as a brand that is inspired by women and that lives to reflect that inspiration, we knew we needed to make it happen as a reminder to all our ladies that no goal is too far from reach, and no win too small to celebrate.”Image Credit: Brutal Fruit

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