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Influencer-Brand Collaboration Apps

Influencer-Brand Collaboration Apps


Influencer-Brand Collaboration Apps

‘Hey Influencers’ is a subscription app that brands can use as a marketing tool to grow their business, while influencers benefit from paid campaigns. After managing multiple social media campaigns and maintaining relationships with thousands of influencers, Greta Van Riel, a five-time startup founder, created the e-commerce platform from her extensive knowledge about successful influencer and brand marketing.Hey Influencers somewhat mimics dating apps, but instead of linking people with their potential partners, it connects brands and influencers. If both the brand and the influencer want to work together, the ‘mutual match’ function matches them, after which they can reach out to one another and collaborate for social media campaigns. If the brand and influencer are collaborating on a paid campaign, Hey Influences safely holds the funds until the influencer completes the campaign’s tasks. Hey Influencers fills a gap in the market by being one of the first e-commerce platforms to offer a service for brands and influencers. The platform helps manage the entire process of social media campaigns and influencer relationships, resulting in a seamless brand and influencer connection.Image Credit: Hey Influencers

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