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Candy-Inspired Beverage Products

Candy-Inspired Beverage Products


Candy-Inspired Beverage Products

The Morinaga Ramune Candy Cup Drink is being launched by the brand in Japan to provide consumers with an alternative way to enjoy the premium flavor of the namesake candy.The drink comes on the heels of the successful McDonald’s Japan Ramune McShake that was launched last spring and features a convenient format that will allow for consumption from anywhere. Best enjoyed chilled, the drink comes with a straw and is packaged in a convenient cup that is well-suited for carrying while out of the house.The Morinaga Ramune Candy Cup Drink is being launched exclusively in Japan starting June 8, 2021 and is likely to be a hit amongst avid fans of the candy as a premium refreshment for the summer months.Image Credit: Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd

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