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Father’s Day Guidance Contests

Father's Day Guidance Contests


Father’s Day Guidance Contests

This Father’s Day, Progressive Insurance launched a new advertising campaign featuring Dr. Rick, a fictional professional that specializes in preventing kids from becoming their parents. The self-help guide is featured in a series of humorous ads, one of which shows a son unknowingly becoming his father as he takes part in a typical dad activity. In this case, looming over the plumber he hired while trying to give unsolicited advice or “help.” As a so-called “Parenta-Life Coach,” Dr. Rick promotes the “We are not our parents” mantra, and makes it his “life’s work” to help the next generation of homeowners. Along with the clever ad campaign, Progressive Insurance launched a Father’s Day contest to celebrate dads by giving their loved ones the chance to poke a little fun at them by sending them a Cameo from Dr. Rick himself. Those wishing to enter just have to follow @Progressive on Twitter and share their most “dad” like behavior using the #DrRickCameoContest hashtag. Tweets can be entered between June 7th and 11th, and custom Cameo videos will be sent just ahead of Father’s Day.Image Credit: Progressive Insurance

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