BUSH’S Spokes-Dog Duke Now Has His Own Instagram Account

Duke is a loveable golden retriever and the spokes-dog for BUSH’S Baked Beans. While Duke is well-known for his BUSH’S commercials that have been airing since the 90s, he can now also be found on social media with his own dedicated Instagram account for a new generation. On the ItsDukeBush account, which was launched at this year’s PetCon, fans can tap into Duke’s off-camera life, which includes passions like travel, visiting fans and eating well. The social media account is a hub for productivity hacks, recipe recommendations and more from a friendly canine face.

At PetCon, many fans took the opportunity to have a meet-and-greet with the canine influencer, as well as grab themselves a yellow BUSH’s Baked Beans bandanna of their very own to wear.

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