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NFC Wine Bottle Tags : wine bottle tag

NFC Wine Bottle Tags : wine bottle tag


NFC Wine Bottle Tags : wine bottle tag


Seppeltsfield Barossa’s Grounds Range Features Authenticating Packaging

A high volume of wine bottle tags are purely decorative but the ones that can be found on Seppeltsfield Barossa’s range of Grounds wines help to prove the product’s authenticity and ensure that a bottle has not been tampered with. The new bottles from the historic Australian wine estate integrate NFC tags that can be tapped with a mobile device to reveal product information, plus an immersive 360-degree tour of the Seppeltsfield Barossa Village and vineyards.

The NFC wine bottle tags on the Grounds range features YPB Group’s NFC Vintail solution and can be seen on darkly colored wine bottles with deep blue-colored accents.

NFC-enabled smart packaging provides an effective, value-added way for brands to connect with consumers before, during and after the point of sale.


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